In Celebration of Lederhosen

Posted By: on February 17, 2010

…because who doesn’t love a nice pair!

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What Partying in China Looks Like

Posted By: on November 30, 2009

Ok, so is it wrong that I think Chinese girls are so cute? I mean, they’re so petite and hot, and from the looks of it, they’re always happy and upbeat. Anyways, these pics definitely Read On »

Careful Who You Moon

Posted By: on September 29, 2010

15 Desserts that Could Replace the Trendy Cupcake [Chicago now] 16 Food Items That Could Make a Bulimic Fat [It Thing] The Best Football Jukes Ever [Complex] My Sweater Says Banana, But I’m Holding a Read On »

Proof That Anything Can Be Deep Fried

Posted By: on December 19, 2009

What’s better than bacon? Deep fried bacon, that’s what! But why would someone deep fry bacon? Why not. Here’s a whole bunch of other foods people deep fried that you’d think wouldn’t ever be deep Read On »