In Celebration of Lederhosen

Posted By: on February 17, 2010

…because who doesn’t love a nice pair!

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TopCultured Legends

Roombas Hacked To Play Pac-Man

Posted By: on January 16, 2011

As a kid who grew up loving and playing Pac-Man to no end, this brings tears to my eyes. The creator gives a pretty good explanation of how he created it. There is just something Read On »

Think Fast!

No seriously, you better think really fast.

Digg Removes User Icons From Submissions

Posted By: on October 8, 2009

Digg has a history of changes, some would call improvements (see Recommendation Engine, Related Submissions, Removing Hot in sub categories, etc.). Recently, there have been a lot of changes at Digg. Removing shouts, the diggbar Read On »