In Celebration of Lederhosen

Posted By: on February 17, 2010

…because who doesn’t love a nice pair!

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Cutest Polar Bear Attack Ever

Posted By: on November 23, 2009

Seriously, I’ve always kinda been scared of bears (including polar bears), but this is cute. I would gladly get attacked by this little guy any day. Bring it, little buddy!

Gillette’s World Class Shave Will Change Your Life

Appearance is everything. If you look like – to steal a phrase from Star Wars – a scruffy Nerfherder, you probably won’t get a lot of the things you’re after in life. Without proper grooming, Read On »

Understanding NASCAR (for those who just don’t get it)

Posted By: on May 10, 2012

The biggest complaint about NASCAR is that to those who are not fans, it can be pretty boring. Cars going around in an oval over and over again might seem boring to those who don’t Read On »